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From real-time GPS to custom alerts, all directly on your smartphone!
No investments and one minute to be set up: a lifetime of savings for you and your company
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Track my vehicles at any time


Monitor every activity in real time


Protect my fleet


Reduce consumptions and costs of my fleet


Reduce the carbon footprint of my company

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Why Keet is the perfect ally


No investments

Keet is the first fleet management software that requires no capital commitment: we know how important it is to reduce fixed costs and we have found a solution for you!

One-minute setup

No, you won’t have to pay any mechanics at all: you can install Keet on your fleet autonomously in less than a minute. What if you have problems? We’ll be always supporting you (and for free)!
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Useful, for real

Keet is designed to help you and make you save money daily: each euro counts. Discover more on how we have helped similar companies on our website!

We now cover all Europe 🇪🇺

Started from Italy 🇮🇹 and expanding in our beloved Europe!
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