Gain full control over your fleet

From real-time GPS to custom alerts, with Keet fleet management is at your fingertips!
No investments needed and a one-minute setup: a lifetime of savings for your company.
Mantieni il controllo della tua flotta aziendale con il miglior software satellitare per veicoli Veicoli e mezzi aziendali sempre sotto controllo con la geolocalizzazione senza investimenti richiesti Pieno controllo della flotta con il software di localizzazione veicoli aziendali Keet Gestione dei veicoli aziendali da remoto con l'app di gestione della flotta Keet Gestione della tua flotta ovunque tu sia con l'app di gestione veicoli Ottimizzazione della gestione della tua flotta con il software di gestione mezzi aziendali Riduzione dei costi carburante della tua flotta con la localizzazione in tempo reale di Keet Localizzazione satellitare dei veicoli aziendali senza investimenti: richiedi consulenza gratuita
Let's start with you: what are you looking for?

Tracking my vehicles at all times


Keeping tidy records of vehicle usage


Protecting my fleet and workforce


Reducing fleet costs and fuel consumption


Organizing and receiving notices of deadlines


Reducing the carbon footprint of my company

Why Keet is your perfect ally


No investments

Keet is the first fleet management software that requires no capital commitment: we know how important it is to reduce fixed costs and we have found a solution for you!

One-minute setup

You don’t need any mechanics at all: you can easily install Keet on your vehicles autonomously in less than a minute. In case of issues, we will provide you with (free) support!
Adatto a te

Useful, for real

With Keet, you can save money every day: each euro counts. Discover more on how we have helped similar companies on our website!

We operate throughout Europe 🇪🇺

Started in Italy 🇮🇹 and currently expanding in our beloved Europe!
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